Our Story

Founded in 2009 as a venture-backed company, Curefab Technologies GmbH initially developed a certified freehand tracked 6 DOF ultrasound analysis system. Over the years, we have grown independently, proud of our journey and modest growth. Our managing director, Sebastian Wittmeier, who brings expertise in computer science and physics, leads our diverse team where effort, ideas, and enthusiasm count the most.

Our office is a vibrant, multi-lingual space with employees from various countries. English and German are our primary working languages. We emphasize collaboration and engagement in an open environment. Our workspace is designed to foster collaboration and engagement among team members. We all work together in a single, open space, making it easy to interact and share ideas.

Our core competencies include medical device research and development, from software to hardware, with special knowledge in algorithms, GPU acceleration, electronics, and 3D printing. We have combined decades of experience working with small and medium companies and research institutes. Research and development are at the heart of our business, fueling our projects and continuous self-education.

Work Environment and Facilities

The office is filled with natural light, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere. Large windows ensure that the space is never gloomy or dull. Our office is also adorned with plants, adding a touch of nature and enhancing the overall aesthetic. Our workshop is fully equipped with a wide range of tools and equipment. Everything is organized and labeled for easy access, including measuring instruments, soldering tools, and specialized machinery. Safety is a top priority.